Communicating change to ITV’s creative colleagues

The client

Both producer and broadcaster, ITV operates the largest commercial family of television channels in the UK, along with numerous online platforms. It also produces great shows for both its own and other channels, through ITV Studios, the biggest production company in the UK. We’re proud to have worked with ITV and provided flexible communications resource for over three years.


The challenge

ITV is a fast-paced, driven commercial organisation with teams of highly creative people, operating in the increasingly modern world of programme making and broadcasting. But just like any other business, ITV has to comply with governing body regulations, and quickly adapt to industry required change.

From enforcing HMRC requirements and introducing new HR guidelines, to modernising production processes and going digital, our challenge has been supporting change communication with ITV’s diverse and widely dispersed teams of creative colleagues.


Our approach

Communicating corporate, regulatory and operational changes in an innovative, contemporary environment has often meant mixing the tried and tested with a more inventive twist, for our team member Laura Kingston.

  • Light-hearted themes running throughout campaigns, designed to work with the ITV brand
  • Exhibitions, breakfast gatherings, and lunch & learns
  • Live-streaming and downloadable recordings of events
  • Visual, image based colourful emails, posters and plasma screen displays with catchy bold statements
  • Interactive Google sites linked to the company intranet

With colleagues based in multiple locations, some without consistent online access, and different working patterns to bear in mind, we’ve always recommended the approach of face-to-face first, supported by a mix of print and online channels.

ITV’s tone of voice is professional and conversational and so we’ve used this principle across all of our communications, delivering change in a way that colleagues can relate to. We’ve also worked closely with ITV’s in-house Internal Communications team to utilise their established, popular range of collaborative communication channels.

The result

At the close of each project or campaign, our measurement has included online colleague questionnaires, to gauge the success of our communications approach. We’ve seen some excellent scores and ad hoc comments.

86% positive response to “How well do you feel [the change] has been communicated?”

“Continue the same level of communication.”

When asked to rate communication in [the department] overall, 73% of respondents answered positively.

“It was communicated well… can’t think of any more that could have been done.”


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