Flexible support for Thales UK for Seven Years

Our Client Thales UK

For over 40 years, Thales UK has played a major part in the Thales Group’s global vision to make people, property and information safer and more secure.

Thales UK

Thales research, develop, manufacture and supply technology and services to the UK’s Aerospace, Defence, Security and Transportation sectors, and in doing so, play a critical role in safeguarding people and organisations in the UK and across the globe. Behind the scenes, Thales supports countless transactions, journeys, missions and communications, around the clock. For example, they’re responsible for billions of secure BACS transactions every year; providing signalling and ticketing systems for many of the UK’s railways; and supplying equipment, technology and communication systems for a wide range of civil and military aircrafts, ships and land vehicles.

Great service and value for money

Thales UK is probably our best example where various parts of their large and complex business in the UK have benefitted from our flexible, expert resource which they can control by the day, i.e. when and how they use us. Like many organisations, Thales experience variable increases and decreases in demand for communications support while headcount is fixed and budgets limited. This is where our ability to be flexible and join Thales’ various communications teams right at the moment when they need expert help comes in to its own!

Working with Thales UK – Where it all began

Our working relationship with Thales began when they asked for our support in 2009 to deliver a thorough review of internal communications across the various Thales businesses within the UK. Communications had been identified as a key issue in recent surveys and feedback. The objective: to provide recommendations and implementation support for a new strategy, infrastructure and 12 month plan for internal communications which focused on:

  • Improvement in the effectiveness of communications in Thales UK to make it a key enabler for the organisation, with a particular focus on communications through line managers
  • Improvement in employee engagement and alignment with the organisation’s priorities
  • Improvement in employee satisfaction with communications

Over the years…

Although it started with a strategic review, we have continued to work with Thales across the UK providing expert internal communications resource supporting various change initiatives, people development campaigns, large IT changes and numerous other communications deliverables.

Our MD Jos Harrison completed the initial strategic review working with the corporate communications team.

In the last seven years Helen Thomas has been working for Thales UK on various change and people development initiatives as well as acting as an IC Business Partner for Thales’ specialist Ground Transportation Systems (GTS) business. Examples of the type of work have included:

  • Internal communications for the 4 Lines Modernisation (4LM) project during the final stages of securing the contract; this was the largest contract Thales UK secured in 2015. This included successfully re-establishing the communications infrastructure for the new rapidly expanding 4LM project delivery team across UK and Canada and recruiting a dedicated communications specialist for the project.
  • Providing strategic communications advice, guidance and hands-on delivery for various GTS conferences, all employee briefings, business pitches and organisational changes & restructures.
  • Communication of GTS People (employee) Engagement action plans
  • In 2015 – 2016 working with the Thales UK Communications Director and team to redesign the internal communications operating model & resource, providing clear direction on ‘what good looks like’ together with the skills & capability needed. Due to the size and amount of work required to achieve this, Helen was joined by our associate team member Larraine Solomon.
  • Communicating the alignment of the Thales UK terms and conditions where Helen was joined by our team member Laura Kingston.

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