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To Affinity and Beyond!

April 2013 saw the return of a regular event for our major client, RSA Insurance Group; a leading general insurer operating in 32 countries and providing products and services in over 140 countries.

The Technical Academy was launched in 2006 with the key objective of supporting RSA’s strategic priorities of targeted profitable growth, operational excellence and sustainable earnings. The annual Technical Academy Forum brings together technical experts from across the Group in Underwriting, Actuarial and Claims, to promote and develop strong, sustainable technical leadership for current and future generations. TYL Events has been partnering with the RSA Technical Capability Team to deliver the Forum since its launch.

The theme for the Technical Academy Forum was ‘To Affinity and Beyond’ highlighting the importance of the affinity business across the Group. During the two day event, topics covered a broad range of business issues from deal formulation to profit share.

The Forum, held in Warsaw Poland, brought together 150 members of the Academy from 25 countries. As well as attending plenary presentations and a selection from a choice of 9 Mastery sessions, members had the invaluable opportunity to network, share expertise and get up to date on technical developments. Also, a ‘Cascade the Training’ session was included to ensure that key messages are shared after the Forum with the extended Technical Community across the Group.

With Buzz Lightyear making a special guest appearance to support the conference theme, the Technical Academy Forum – with help from TYL Events – really reached for the sky!

Our client’s view:

‘We delivered a great event and that’s thanks to two great teams working in partnership. TYL are integral to the success of the Technical Academy Forums. Their professionalism, ability to understand our needs and get the job done, takes the pressure away from what can be a very stressful time’
Peter Farmer, Technical Capability Leader

To affinity and beyond

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