Internal Communication Reviews

  • Align your communications to the direction of the business
  • Make sure your approach is fresh and engaging to people at every level
  • Our tried and trusted review process can be delivered cost-effectively in 3 months
  • Typically we continue our support to implement our recommendations, including channel upgrades

We offer an independent and specialist review to evaluate the impact of your current internal communications approach and channels.

We look at how your internal communications compare to our framework of best practice developed through years of hands-on experience.

You’ll get a final report from our review including a set of priority recommendations to give your approach a new lease of life. We’ll help you deliver for your stakeholders, engage your audience and ensure that internal communications is a key enabler for your business and driver of employee engagement.

We’ve carried out reviews of various scales for clients. This has ranged from a simple refresh of a channel e.g. a publication, to a thorough audit of internal communications strategy, delivery and capability to find out how it’s benefitting the business.

Our approach is thorough and cost-effective. Our techniques involve people within the business so your stakeholders and audience are engaged in the process from day one.

Clients we've delivered reviews for include:

Can we help you with your challenge? Our review process typically takes between 15 to 25 days depending on size and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and most budgets!

Flexible Internal Communications Resource

Flexible, expert internal communications delivery resource to support you as and when you need it

Many organisations are experiencing increased demand for communications support that needs targeted support for a specific period or number of days. Our flexible, expert resource allows you to control by the day, when and how you use us. The result is a great practical service, which offers real value for money.

We’ve developed our team of internal communications specialists to meet increasing demand for this service. Could we help you too?

Clients have used our flexible expert resource to support a wide range of internal communication activities including:

  • Business change projects including mergers & acquisitions and integrations
  • Restructure and people change communications
  • HR change e.g. reward, performance management, learning & development programmes
  • Interim internal comms leadership


  • Interim cover for absence / pending recruitment for e.g. 3 to 6 months
  • Maternity cover
  • New Intranet / digital platform implementation projects
  • Internal event design & delivery e.g. employee roadshows

Clients who have used our flexible, expert service include MoneySupermarket, Lloyds Banking Group, Thales UK, St. James’s Place Wealth Management, and Kronos Inc.

Need some flexible, expert help with your internal communications?

We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch

Expert Change Communications

We are experts at managing and delivering all types of change communications. Major Business change. Acquisition & Integration Comms. HR Change.

We offer specialist support to develop a communications plan tailored to the needs of your change programme. Between us we have many years of experience of change, acquisition and integration communications management and delivery. We can provide flexible resources, anything from a package of days to a full-time resource for a specific period – whatever and wherever you need it.

Recent projects include

Client: Kronos Inc.

With more than 5,000 Kronites worldwide, Kronos is dedicated to meeting the growing needs of today’s multinational organisations. In fact, upwards of 40 million people at more than 30,000 organisations around the world rely on Kronos workforce solutions every day. Read more

Client: Money Supermarket

After completing a review of Moneysupermarket Group communications we were asked to provide some interim communications support. Read more

Money Supermarket Advert

Client: MoneySupermarket Group

When tasked with facilitating an all-employee conference, it quickly became clear that fun, variety and interactivity needed to be at the heart of the approach. Read more

ITV Rovers Return

Client: ITV

During 2016, one of our core team members was embedded in ITV, providing flexible expert change communications resource for projects in HR and ITV Studios. Read more

If you would like specialist help with communicating your change, contact us

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