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The COVID-19 pandemic was a major test for the effectiveness of the Trust’s communications with all its stakeholders. In terms of their internal communications they wanted to ensure that that communications throughout the crisis and beyond were effective and resilient through development of the strategy and management of delivery.

Over a three month period covering the peak of the crisis ICT principal Jos Harrison provided strategic support and on the ground support for delivery of key elements of the strategy, working closely with and supporting the Communications Team.

This included:

  • Providing expert input to the evolving internal communications strategy, recommending changes and improvements
  • Leading the implementation of Workplace by Facebook working with IT and key stakeholders, training the Comms Team in management of the platform and ensuring an effective launch
  • Providing on the ground support for effective management of key elements of the strategy including people-centred stories and weekend communications
  • Providing recommendations on the internal communications strategy for the new normal operating environment post the immediate crisis phase.




Speak to Jos on - 07415 504 705


Farrington Park, Marsh Lane, Farrington Gurney. Bristol BS39 6TS

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