Common issues with Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs)

Date posted: 9 May 2017  |  Posted in: Communication, ESN

Do you even have internal comms in this day and age without an ESN? Every company seems to be trying to get it right, but we are seeing more and more clients come to us with issues embedding their social channels. There are various reasons for this.

Lack of engagement from senior leaders

A lot of senior leaders are a bit older (there, I said it!) and might not see the value in making time for their ESN. Or find that it’s taking them out of their comfort zone and their traditional ways of business communications. If your leader can’t be bothered then why should you?

Overbearing usage by senior leaders

While we want senior teams to lead by example, there’s a balance to be found. If they use it too much then employees won’t feel comfortable enough to comment. Your ESN is intended to give employees a voice, not make them too scared to say something the boss might not like.

Being mobile

If it isn’t compatible with mobile then it isn’t worth having. More and more people are working at home and accessing communications away from the office so mobile is a must.

Launch and go!

You need a proper embedding and comms plan for it to work. Nurture that channel over time and encourage and educate employees to use it and use it well. You can’t just pay for something and assume the box is ticked – if it’s not embedded properly then instead of engaging employees it could have the opposite effect.

No time to read it

That age old phrase we hear so often as communicators rings even more true with ESNs. You need to create a culture where using your social channels is part of the working day and not something ‘extra’ to do when you’re so busy doing your day job. It is part of your day job.

Risky business

Some employees have concerns that it’s a security risk to post business matters on ESNs. Why? The fact that you don’t have as much control is the beauty of it. Look how terrified people were of things like Facebook and how commonly used it is now. Plus, most ESNs have built in security so they are no more risky (if not less risky) than channels like email. For example, you can watch a video on an ESN without ‘having’ it so it’s not shareable outside of your internal network.


Your ESN is still only one channel and has its place among other ways of communicating, but there is lots to think about to make it a good use of time and money. If you need help introducing or embedding your ESN to make it successful and well used, get in touch and find out how we can help

If you’re interested in upgrading your intranet / channel suite or are considering a comprehensive review of your internal communications, we offer independent, specialist internal comms reviews to deliver solutions that make an impact. We’d love to hear from you.


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