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Date posted: 24 January 2020  |  Posted in: Communication, Leadership

Connect with the leadership team

As we deliver internal communications reviews for clients across different sectors, we get to hear from hundreds of employees of businesses across the country about what is important to them when it comes to effective communications.

The top three feedback themes have been consistent for the last few years:

“We want to connect with the leadership team on a regular basis”

This remains right at the top of peoples’ lists. They want to hear about how the business is doing, future plans etc. and what means for them, but more they also want to give feedback, share their day to day experiences with customers, and put forward ideas – in other words they want their voice to be heard and they want the leadership team to do more listening! A good IC strategy needs a consistent programme of informal and formal face to face activities plus the ability to connect easily online.

 “We want to discuss the issues that are important to us”

Organisations have got much better in recent years at talking to their people about their agenda i.e. business strategy, priorities, performance – but still aren’t focusing enough on what employees want to know about  and are interested in – the employee agenda. I hear this consistently – they want to hear more about the stuff they care about – plans for the future, outlook for jobs, learning & development, reward and recognition.

 “There’s lots of information available to me – but it’s difficult to make sense of it all”

With the growth in use of social intranets, ESNs like Yammer and Workplace and digital workspaces, the amount of information available to corporate employees to ‘pull’ is huge. But in my reviews they often tell us that it’s all too much – and as they have busy working days  they want help in making sense of it all so they don’t miss the important stuff! I’m often recommending and implementing a regular push digital channel which pushes key business news into peoples’ inboxes in an easily digestible format, driving traffic to key online info as well as having standalone content.  

When did you last ask your people what they think of your internal communications and whether they’re meeting their needs?

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