‘Leaders now value Internal Comms’ – a personal view on the new CIPR report

Date posted: 13 November 2017  |  Posted in: Communication

Sarah HilyerAs an Internal Comms specialist at The Internal Comms Team one of the best parts of my job is working with a diverse range of clients, on a variety of different assignments. As I was reflecting on the different company cultures I’ve experienced recently, this week the CIPR published their ‘Making it Count’ report, looking at perceptions of Internal Comms amongst CEOs. It was kind of an uncanny read for me because it felt like I was hearing my own experiences played back. Here’s what really resonated…

Internal Comms is not the same as Employee Engagement! Having worked in the industry for over 10 years now it’s interesting to see that we’re still grappling with a clear definition of Internal Communications. I think a lot of this comes from the blurred lines between Internal Comms as a function and its role within an organisation, to the ways of working throughout an organisation i.e. the way we all communicate internally being part of our day jobs. This is particularly true if we’re managers or part of the senior leadership team. As for the differentiation with Employee Engagement, to quote from the report: “Employee Engagement is a by-product of good internal communications”.

Better understanding by senior teams of the real benefits of good internal communications but there is still a way to go. As the report says “Senior leadership require some education on employee voice and developing a culture of two-way communication throughout their organisation”. This is a great opportunity for us as IC professionals, something we’re all passionate about at The Internal Comms Team and a regular theme at our monthly team meetings. And the best bit about fostering a two-way comms culture is it’s not rocket science! Asking for feedback, doing skip level meetings, social intranets – anything that turns broadcast into a conversation and takes you back to that small company culture mentality where you can all connect and collaborate daily.

And my last pick has to be: make your comms open and honest – I hear this literally wherever I go! It’s what employees want. They want authenticity, yes, it’s important to celebrate the big wins and the successes but CEO’s and top teams who get the conversation going around where things didn’t go so well, how they responded to challenges and where they felt they could do better. That’s really powerful and engaging for people.
So thanks to the CIPR and everyone that worked on putting such an insightful report together. What did you think…..?

By ICT core member Sarah Hilyer



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