10 ideas for embedding Yammer

Date posted: 11 January 2016  |  Posted in: Hot topic

Yammer continues to be one of the most popular enterprise social network platforms. But we often hear the same story from clients who have introduced Yammer and it’s this: after the initial excitement of having ‘Facebook for work’, interest and usage dwindles. Like any other communication channel it needs nurturing – so what can you do to really embed Yammer and make it a key element of your internal comms framework, connecting people across the business?

There are lots of ways to do this but here’s our ten ideas to make this happen:

  1. Drive traffic to Yammer by delivering a weekly roundup of top Yammer posts into everyone’s email inbox every Friday with links to the posts.
  2. Do a desk drop / infographic – remind people how to get the most out of Yammer and why it’s in their interest to make it part of their daily work.
  3. YamJams! Schedule online chats with your CEO and other members of the leadership team – these can be general or focused on a specific issue e.g. follow-up to financial results, introduction of a new HR policy.
  4. If you’ve set up a ‘Company News’ group for major news and business announcements make sure everyone is by default a member of this Group as well as the main ‘All Company’ group
  5. Top 10 FAQs – get your teams in IT, HR, Payroll, Finance, Facilities etc. to create FAQ docs to post onto Yammer – and offer help with wordsmithing.
  6. Weekly Yammer Hot Tip – introduce this as a regular branded weekly post.
  7. Recognition of Super Users – recognise the best  Yammer users around the business
  8. Factoids – post regular interesting facts about the business, again under a branded heading
  9. Marketing usage – Ask the Marketing team to post customer research, industry data etc. maybe in infographic format to make them front-line friendly, and run polls
  10. Assuming you have an intranet, integrate the Yammer All Company Feed into the Intranet homepage.

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