5 top tips for beating post-holiday blues

Date posted: 18 September 2015  |  Posted in: Hot topic

Motivating and engaging employees after the high summer months can be a challenge, as people deal with full inboxes, meeting catch-ups and post-holiday blues. Here are our top five tips for your back to work communications.

  1. Encourage employees to reconnect with social channels. While out of the office, it’s likely that employees have disconnected with their personal and professional social networks, so now is a great opportunity to help get people back to sharing. You could kick things off with a post or article giving handy hints for the return to work, and asking people to share their own best tips for getting back into the swing of things.
  2. Regain focus by reminding people of the mission. Early autumn is a good time to issue strategic CEO communications, summarising everything that’s been achieved in the year so far and re-focusing on the organisations’ goals for the final quarter.
  3. Harness renewed energy and creativity. Employees will be returning to work revitalised from their summer breaks and many will have come up with lots of great new ideas during the down time. You can make the most of this renewed energy by giving people new opportunities. It could be the perfect time to launch competitions, Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, reward and recognition schemes, and personal or professional development activities.
  4. Ensure your leadership team is visible. The chances are your leaders will also have found time for a break over the summer, and visibility programmes may have been side-lined as a consequence. This is a good time to gain renewed commitment from your senior team, encouraging them to take ownership for getting out and about in the organisation.
  5. Uphold the importance of a healthy work/life balance. Autumn is always a busy period and it’s all too easy for employees to slip into unhealthy work patterns. Consider a communication campaign focussed around health and wellbeing at work. Taking regular breaks, being active, eating healthily and leaving the office on time are some of the things you might include. Equally, don’t underestimate the value of team activities in boosting morale. Why not tie a team volunteering day into your Christmas social gathering as a great way to motivate staff and make a difference?

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