Are you measuring up?

Date posted: 22 January 2015  |  Posted in: Hot topic

Measurement doesn’t always get people excited – but it should. At The Internal Comms team we’re big believers in evaluation and measurement sitting at the heart of every internal comms strategy. As our industry becomes more sophisticated with digital channels as standard, there are no excuses for not having a good measurement and evaluation matrix for every channel, campaign, event etc. When we pull all of this information together we create one of the most powerful tools we have as communicators.

In our experience though, approaches can often get a bit tired, be missed off completely or become a bit of a tick box exercise. Here are some areas where we believe measurement can make the difference, hopefully they’ll inspire you to make your data work harder for you this year…

Make it easy for senior management to buy into your strategy

The data we can gather and generate from good measurement and evaluation practices can be so helpful when we’re presenting our goals and strategy. Use data whenever you can to back up proposals and recommendations, it is one of our best influencing tools for senior management.

ROI and budget allocation

We know from our work with organisations across different sectors that internal communications budgets are as stretched as ever. Being able to evaluate what is working really well, where we are adding the most value and can prove ROI is essential to give our plans and proposals a reality check. Having good data to back up gut feel on where we should be spending our money can be a great help with the decision making process and delivering what’s best for the business.

Demonstrate how communications is adding value

Measurement and evaluation is our best way of demonstrating where we are adding value. To be able to directly link campaigns and strategies to driving business results and proving that we’ve achieved our objectives is vital.

Are we really hitting the mark?

To be really successful we need to bring everything back to our audiences. We know what our objectives are, but now the strategy is in action, is everything happening as planned? Are we effectively connecting to the audience? Is feedback being listened to and acted on? Now that a particular campaign is live, is there anything else that’s going on that might affect its success or outcome? These are all key areas that should be evaluated either at the end of a project or at pre-determined check points.

Get the courage to try new things – and accepting that some might fail!

Want to try something new but need a bit of confidence to really push it? With all the digital analytics and social tools available you can get very quick responses and monitor trends. Give something a try. Not hitting the mark? Not a problem! It’s unusual for everything to fly first time but you’ve tried it and measurement can enable you to focus and refine what works best for your organisation and employees.

Ultimate measurement

It can be hard to find the time to step back and conduct the ultimate measurement – an overall strategic review of your internal comms. Here at the Internal Comms Team we’ve been carrying out cost-effective Internal Comms Reviews for more than ten years. These reviews give organisations real insight into where they are with their communications. Our tried and trusted process allows us to deliver a robust set of recommendations for refreshing / improving / upgrading your internal comms. If you’d like to find out more we’d love to hear from you.


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