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Date posted: 27 July 2015  |  Posted in: Hot topic

As real time communications become the norm for employees outside the office, how should we be developing internal social channels and creating the best mix for our organisations? This is a question we’re getting asked more and more often and as Internal Communications specialists we have a view on the best ways to approach social business communications.

Here’s our take on key considerations to shape your social strategy….

Make cultural change your starting point

The best examples of real success so far with internal social media tools are when they drive cultural change, break silos and give everyone an equal voice – this is not a technology project. Social intranets or Apps should provide easy access for peer to peer communications. They should also give the leadership team a digital space to ‘walk the floor’ and engage directly with employees. By enabling collaboration, social tools can also tackle issues, recognise innovation, transfer knowledge and ultimately help win more business.

Aim to mirror internally how you do business externally

In other words, match your internal culture with your customer culture – if your customers are digital then your employees should be too. Get your employees savvy by using internal social channels to boost their knowledge and skills.

Learn about the tools and what will work best for your organisation

Consider where you are on your journey and what your employees use and like. Already have a social intranet? No intranet at all? Leapfrog it and go straight to mobile? Develop your own employee App? Or let your employees develop their own Apps? There are many choices, providers and options out there.

Take your time and plan – and be prepared for failures

Become best friends with IT and make sure you have a robust project plan that covers key areas including accessibility, governance, training and measurement – all subjects where Internal Comms should play a leading role.

Get your senior team savvy on social

How ‘social’ is your CEO? 68% of CEOs still have no social media presence (source CEO.com). Don’t let your leadership team get out of touch. In our Internal Comms Reviews people consistently tell us they want more access to Senior Leadership and want them to lead the way. Gartner’s latest research also confirms that top level support and engagement is key to driving wider adoption throughout the organisation. Using internal social media can be a great way of getting the uninitiated started and helping them transition externally.

We’re really excited about how the digital workplace is evolving and what this means for Internal Communications. Wherever you are on your ‘social’ journey, we can help you ensure what you propose and develop supports your existing communications strategy and becomes a valuable addition to your current channel mix.

If you require project management or support for incorporating social media successfully into your Internal Communications strategy and delivery, we’d love to help. Get in touch.


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