Our view on… the role of Social Media in Internal Communications

Date posted: 30 October 2013  |  Posted in: Hot topic

“By 2016, 50% of large organizations will have ‘Facebook-like’ social networks, and 30% of these will be viewed as essential as telephones and email are today”
Source: Gartner

“Social Technology can help to increase efficiency by as much as 25%”
Source: McKinsey Global Institute 2012

This is such a hot topic for internal communicators at the moment and a growing presence in our internal communications review work, so we thought we’d share our views on this issue. As internal communications specialists we do have a view on the role it can play in your strategy and what it can do for your business – and perhaps just as importantly what it can’t do.

It’s clear to see why businesses are showing more interest in leveraging the power of social media in their internal communications – both customers and employees are already using social media in their everyday interactions.

What can social media do for communication within your business?

  • Social media is a key enabler for horizontal communication
  • Collaboration is key to transformation. (Often the people closest to the problem are the best to help solve it).
  • It can strip back ‘silo working’ which inhibits communication, innovation and knowledge sharing in large organisations
  • It creates a safe space for colleagues to connect, collaborate and ‘work out loud’
  • It offers speed and agility to connect like-minded colleagues instantly, regardless of geography or job function, to collaborate on a shared business issue / goal
  • Sharing knowledge : a question in a community can be answered in minutes – not days
  • Helps to tackle email overload – a major bug bear for many organisations we work with.
  • Nothing beats face to face – but it can help to give leaders ‘proximity’ to frontline staff.
  • Connects with other internal channels to share content wider and promote valuable dialogue


By 2015, 80% of internal social networks will not achieve their intended benefits due to a lack of leadership and over emphasis on technology.
Source: Gartner

Social media isn’t a fix-all remedy to feedback that communication poor within a business – it has limitations. Successful integration is dependent on cultural and behavioural change, as well as alignment to a wider internal communications strategy and framework.

How can we help?

As the Gartner research illustrates, the ‘how’ you choose to introduce social media into your business is critical to success and leveraging the true potential of this channel.

We can share our knowledge of internal communications best practice and help to align use of this channel with the wider needs of your business. We can also address this issue for you as part of a cost-effective internal communications review.

We can also help you to ensure it supports your existing communications strategy by becoming a valuable addition to your current channel mix.

If you require project management or support for incorporating this successfully into your internal communications strategy and delivery, we’d love to help. Get in touch.


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