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The many emoji’s of being an IC professional
From praying hands to face palms, we talk emojis and internal comms on World emoji day

Let’s face it, we go through some emotions as IC people! People would never guess the blood, sweat and tears that go into most comms to get it to that perfectly formed, timely and informative little nugget!

Today is World Emoji day so to celebrate the fact Apple are launching a grey haired person (and sometimes IC can be to blame for our grey hairs!) we have selected just a few emojis that represent our working lives! And let’s be honest, who even remembers how we ever communicated despair without that squinty eyed, downy mouthed, yellow ball?

Praying hands
When you’ve been writing something for weeks and it’s finally signed off and in the template and you have that dreaded ‘send’ moment! You’ve triple checked the subject box and the links…and all you can do now is pray!

Celebratory cone with streamers coming out of the end
(How do I find out what these are actually called?)
When the senior team eventually see the tangible results between good comms and commercial business! You’ve measured it, it’s there in black and white and now they are fully invested in comms! Yessssss!

Face palm
When you re-launch an intranet and the leadership team decides everyone can have access to the content management system. Soon you’re looking at a page peppered with off brand, Google-pinched images for a team of two based in Outer Mongolia! Slight exaggeration but you know what I mean.

Crying face
There’s a new CEO and they want to change everything (just for the sake of it). They want to revamp the Values which were only launched a year ago, they don’t like the newly implemented digital workplace and social tool. So, you basically have to make a start on undoing all your good work. Only resulting in a crying face!

Rolling eyes
This is the classic! “I haven’t heard about that.” Well, if you’d have only read the communication we sent you about it three weeks ago, and posted on the intranet!

Toothy grin face
When you’ve worked your socks off on a big event and everything runs smoothly and you get glowing feedback. The blisters are worth it and you do the smug toothy grin!

If you want to always be pulling the toothy grin face, contact us to help with your internal comms. We can help with all sorts, from reviews to a bit of flexible interim resource.


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