An up-to-date social intranet has become an essential tool for organisations as a communications hub, resource centre and conversations platform.  It’s become more important than ever with so many of us working remotely and will continue to be so as we transition to a world of hybrid working.

It feels like some organisations went out and bought (or built) their intranet 10 years ago and haven’t invested in it or upgraded since! During our internal comms reviews and audits, we regularly come across poor, outdated intranets lacking in social collaboration and conversation tools,  that are universally hated by the employees who have to use them. People increasingly expect the same interactive digital experience at work that they take for granted in their personal life.

Supporting clients with implementation of a new intranet following an audit has become a regular part of our work and we’re delighted to now be offering it as a core ICT service, partnering with leading out of the box platform provider Oak Engage.

Implementing a new intranet can be a daunting task whether it’s a replacement intranet or the first one for your organisation.  As internal communications specialists with many years’ experience introducing and managing channels including intranets, we understand the role it can play in your internal communications strategy. Let us take the pain away – we can deliver you a new, social intranet on the Oak platform and get you up and running in as little as three months, working with key stakeholders including your IT team.

Why have we chosen the Oak platform?

Intranet software experts Oak Engage have been helping employers engage and connect their employees for 25 years. Working with some of the world’s biggest brands from Five Guys to Aldi to ITV, their intuitive intranet solution gives organisations the tools they need to bring their teams together and work better as one. Oak shares our passion for effective internal communications as a key driver of employee engagement and are dedicated to providing the most successful enterprise intranet platform on the market.

Oak has been designed with organisations of all sizes in mind. It is architected for high volume, with a highly granular security model and multi-language capability. Taking inspiration from the most used social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter (incorporating news feeds, timelines and messenger) the platform has revolutionised workplaces. Mobile is a foundational part of the platform – deskless and front-line workers have access directly from their smartphones, providing connectivity across the workplace. It’s innovative, fun, addictive and fully customisable. We can design and configure Oak to suit your needs.

Current Oak clients include:


“Oak provided a well-rounded app that did a bit of everything and we thought that was perfect for us. Whatever we’ve asked for from Oak we’ve absolutely received and that’s hugely reassuring.”
Bastian Bauermeister, Operations, Five Guys

“We were incredibly impressed by the pure simplicity in creating content and building pages. Content can be created in minutes, compared to what was hours on our old system. It also looks modern and works great across all devices.”Anna Gray, Head of Marketing and Communications, Severfield

Key Features

  • Better Business Connectivity
  • Dedicated Suite of Tools
  • Data Gathering/ Monitoring
  • Efficient Communication
  • Document Storage
  • Inclusivity for Deskless Workers
  • Employee Recognition
  • Improve Collaboration
  • Important News and Updates

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